Longboat Key

Longboat Key (LBK) is a barrier island north of Siesta Key and south of Bradenton Beach and Anna Maria Island. It is 16 miles long and resides in both Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Like all keys, the island has water on both sides and although the cost of living is 58% higher than most parts of the USA, residents say it is worth it! Residences enjoy single-family homes on canals or directly on the gulf.

There are also many upscale condominiums on the island. Because the island is so long one complaint is that it takes longer to get back to the mainland – especially in season. There are very few public beaches on LBK, but there are beautiful luxury hotels that allow you wonderful beach time when you spend the night. Soon there will be a St. Regis Hotel that also has permanent residences.

Longboat Key enjoy single-family homes on canals

The population of LBK is 7,500 but does reduce in the summer months as many residents are “snowbirds”. Many people associate the elegant shopping and dining of St. Armand’s circle with Longboat key. St. Armand’s is at Lido Key, just south of Longboat Key, but Longboat Key does have its downtown area with cafes and bars. What I love most about Long Boat is that the minute I cross over the first bridge from St. Armand’s onto the southern point of Longboat Key, I feel like I am on vacation on a tropical island.

The entire 16-mile strip has a resort-style feel with golf courses, tennis, and water views. Many people travel by bike on the island. My clients that live on Long Boat say that although many people live on Long Boat only in the winter months, there is a strong community feel. People are proud of the island, and it shows! Children attend schools in Sarasota or Bradenton – not directly on Long Boat. My favorite Long Boat restaurant is The Dry Dock located on the South end.

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