Englewood Florida is so beautiful that it is shared between two counties! Sarasota and Charlotte County. Englewood is not a town but a Census Designated Place (CDP). A CDP is a community that does not have a municipal government but are designed by the Census Bureau to statistically designate an unincorporated area of land. Englewood is around 22 miles square miles and has approximately 18,000 people. Most people live in Englewood to be near the beautiful beach of Englewood where the sand is white and soft. There are also a lot of golf opportunities in Englewood such as Oyster Creek Golf Course, Myakka Pines Golf Club, and Lemon Bay Golf Club. People do not move to Englewood for employment as there are not a lot of work opportunities, but it is a lovely place to chill and live the best of Florida outdoor living. I love Englewood as it quiet and very neighborly.

The property prices are much lower than Venice or Sarasota. Englewood is a small but mighty school district made up of nine schools. The schools have a good teacher to student ratio and many are positioned near neighborhoods so students can walk or ride their bike. The housing market in Englewood is competitive as people are looking for more cost-effective areas near the water. The average sale price for a home in Englewood was $375,000 in Oct of 2022 and you can find all shapes, styles, and sizes of homes in Englewood. There is also an opportunity to buy vacant land and build in Englewood, but you may be on a septic tank and well water.

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